Pet Portraits

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As all pet owners know, animals aren’t just a pet, they are part of the family. They have their own personalities and a special connection with their humans.

Dee’s custom pet portraits are as unique as your pet’s personality. Working from a photo, Dee capture’s their character and quirks, and is a perfect gift or keepsake for any animal lover.

The connection with a pet can be so precious, particularly if they have passed away. Dee’s original artworks bring their spirit back to life so that you can cherish them forever.

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Winston the Wombat Pillowcase $14.00
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Kylie the Kangaroo Pillowcase $14.00
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Kev the Koala Pillowcase $14.00
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Zoe the Zebra Greeting Card from $2.50
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Winston the Wombat Tea Towel $11.00
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Toby the Giraffe Greeting Card from $2.50
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