Chloe the Schnauzer

Chloe the Schnauzer-For Me By Dee

Character Trait: Energetic, Independent, and Strong-Willed

What Chloe lacks in size, she more than makes up with in her personality. She is strong-willed, independent and a great leader of the pack. While out one morning chasing possums, she was led to an empty house where she found young Otto the cat, curled up, alone and frightened. She was immediately drawn to him. Her nurturing instinct compelled her to take frightened Otto back to meet the rest of her friends. 
Once home, Chloe noticed that Otto felt timid meeting everyone and had a difficult time warming up to the pack. Was it a mistake bringing Otto to an unfamiliar place with brand new friends? Although Chloe didn’t know quite how to help Otto, she knew just the friend who could; Ollie the Therapy Labrador. She immediately went to find Ollie who was of course more than happy to help!
After a warm chat with Ollie and a welcoming game of football with the pack, Chloe saw that Otto was starting to form a close bond with the group. Her worries were put to ease.  It wasn’t a mistake at all bringing Otto home. Her quick decision making had given Otto a wonderful new life and that was something to be very proud of.

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