Quentin the Quokka

Quentin the Quokka

Character Trait: Happy, Sociable, and Never Shy or Scared

Quentin is quite the attention-grabber. His infectious smile, fun interactions and happy demeanor melt the hearts of all that come across him, especially humans.

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Carrie the Cavoodle

Carrie the Cavoodle

Character Trait: Smart, Affectionate, Loyal Friend, and Loves To Be Groomed

Carrie is a true New Yorker. She loves taking walks through Central Park and nibbling on treats and sipping on water with her inseparable friends Chloe, Otto, and Sid.

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Kiki the Kiwi-For Me By Dee

Kiki the Kiwi

Quick on her feet Kiki the Kiwi can out run anyone!
She is strong, grounded and independent! She may look shy but there is no getting past Kiki, with her acute sense of smell and long beak she will sniff anyone out!

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Triton the Tuatara-For Me By Dee

Triton the Tuatara

Wise and distinguished, slow and majestic.
Triton the Tuatara is one of the oldest living reptiles in the world. With a life span of up to 100 years Triton is well respected amongst his peers.
Often sharing his tales from years of experience Triton is referred to as a guardian of knowledge.
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Kai the Kea-For Me By Dee

Kai the Kea

Meet Kai the Kea, the world’s only alpine parrot.
The cheeky and playful parrot is highly intelligent and famously curious.
Quite the socialite you will often find Kai amongst people showing off his newly learned tricks.
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Kiri the Kereru-For Me By Dee

Kiri the Kereru

Meet Kiri the Kereru, clumsy, gluttonous and glamorous.
Kiri has earned a reputation for indulging in fermented fruit, winding up tipsy and falling out of the odd tree!
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Chloe the Schnauzer-For Me By Dee

Chloe the Schnauzer

Character Trait: Energetic, Independent, and Strong-Willed

What Chloe lacks in size, she more than makes up with in her personality. She is strong-willed, independent and a great leader of the pack. Decision making has always been a gift of hers, however when she is led to an unexpected discovery and finds herself with a tremendous responsibility, has she taken on more than she can handle?

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Otto the British Short Hair Cat-For Me By Dee

Otto the British Short Hair Cat

Character Trait: Loyal, Friendly, and Affectionate

Meet young Otto the British Short Hair Cross who bursts with affection and devotion. Although surrounded by friends and happiness now, life for the young cat had not always been this way. Otto had once found himself in frightful circumstances. Afraid and alone in an empty home, snuggled up behind a hot water system to keep himself warm. It wasn’t until an unexpected visitor dropped by that his life changed forever.

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Ollie the Labrador-For Me By Dee

Ollie the Labrador

Character Trait: Good-Natured, Active, and Intelligent

When you meet Ollie the Labrador, you can’t help but notice her magical gift. 
Ollie has been bred, raised and trained in a very special way. She is a Therapy Dog providing comfort and support to others. Ollie’s passion for helping people is closely matched by her love of food. One day Ollie is faced with a dilemma involving these two great loves. Pulled in both directions Ollie is unsure what she will do?

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Sid the Golden Retriever-For Me By Dee

Sid the Golden Retriever

Character Trait: Intelligent, Caring, and Affectionate

Sid is a true golden retriever who happily brings things to everyone he greets. Sid is also extremely kind and thoughtful, sensing when someone needs extra love and doing anything to make them feel better. So when young Otto the Cat is introduced to the pack and Sid’s attempts at making him feel happy are not understood, he is unsure of what to try next?

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Carlos the Palm Cockatoo-For Me By Dee

Carlos the Palm Cockatoo

Character Trait: Not affectionate, but finds a mate for life

With an enormous stature, he is smart and handsome but difficult to manage. He is not considered affectionate, yet he is monogamous and finds a mate for life. He is very sociable, like other cockatoos, and needs regular interaction with friends.

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Alice the Alpaca-For Me By Dee

Alice the Alpaca

Character Trait: Self-Assured, Gentle, and Community-Driven

She is confident and social. She loves to be around her friends, she is after all a herd animal. She also has a gentle and curious side.
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